TIA (Together In Action)

TIA is the Diocese of Calgary’s annual social justice fundraising campaign. Established in 1992, to date it has raised over $43,000,000 to assist our vulnerable population. It was created to live out Christ’s teaching to share our gifts and care for our vulnerable population by:

  • allowing parishioners to collectively support TIA recipients,
  • educating parishioners about the plight of others,
  • streamlining the funding requests by organizations in the parishes, and
  • to be of service to the Catholic and community at large.

Further, it is the primary source of funding for many of our diocesan programs and services in southern Alberta.

Funds from this campaign go toward counselling, food, families, youth, and our retired priests, deacons, and seminarians. These are all areas that impact the lives of thousands of people locally, nationally, and internationally and help each of us live a better life.

No matter how much we may want someone else to take care of all of the world’s challenges, it is ultimately up to each of us to stand up and say, “I know I can be the difference – no matter how small!” The work of the church moves forward when individuals like us are committed to the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching and stewardship.

Last year, our parish contributed $53,012.91 to TIA and this year, our goal is $44,487.00.

There are many ways in which you can give. You can use our parish envelopes, Pre-Authorized withdrawal, credit card donation online or at the parish office.